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2013.03.03 choreograph

2013.03.03 choreograph day

Today is Sunday so for Christians the day to go the church and pay the respects to their god. Also for some other nations it’s the day where you celebrate your so called “god”. A Turkish friend of mine said something wonderful a few weeks ago. He said, he didn’t believe in Allah or god or whatever, however he believe that there is a Choreograph somewhere who takes care that everything works well. I guess if all people would think that way it would be a lot easier. If we call him god, Allah or whatever and which day we pay our respects to him, it doesn’t matter. If there is a choreograph believe in him, call it as you wish, celebreate the day and the way you think is right but don’t fight with other people because they call the same choreogrpah differently and celebrate a different day and in a different way.