This page is a new project of mine where I will post one picture every day. So here we go with the Q&A :-)


Ok so firstly, why pictures anyway?

Nobody likes to read anyway and pictures are much nicer and easier to consume. Also they say more in one second than a lot of text. So I just try to safe your time so that you can work harder and follow your dreams.


And just one every day? Why not more?

Because you get so much information during the day so that more than one would just be another website with a lot of content which will make the user tired and with not much new information. Also it’s a fact of life that you always have to decide, you can never do all the things you would like to do. It’s hard to choose but I believe I can do it.


But what if you take more than one nice picture in a day? I want to see them all…

Sure no problem, for this I have my other homepage. there you will find a lot more content and also albums and a lot of pictures and a lot which were taken the same day ;). Also you will find a lot of my pictures on facebook.


And how do I know that you don’t cheat and just upload a picture from yesterday?

On the right side you can see the exif data when the picture was taken. Of course I can also fake that one but why should I? It’s easy to take a picture every day so no worries. I will not cheat and I prefer to upload an ugly picture than taking one from yesterday ;). Sorry guys, I had to change that. ;-) You just get a recent picture, not always necessarily from the day before.


And what happens if you don’t have internet?

Then I will just save the picture and comment in my computer and upload 3 or 4 in the same time. However the pictures will be taken all in a different day and that’s what this site is about. Also this shouldn’t happen too often these days so no worries about that :).


Is your life so exciting that you can post a cool picture every day?

No, I don’t think so. My life is pretty normal, however I do believe that also a normal life is a wonderful and exciting life. So this site should also open a bit your eyes so that you know that boring things can be exciting if they are put in the right way.


Who are you anyway?

Hmm nobody special. A swiss guy who studied business administration and love to take photographs in the free time. Also I feel bored quite easily so I always try to do something new, like this site. I try to travel as much as possible so will be some interesting pictures coming up here for sure. Just be patient.


I would like to buy your pictures, where I can do that?

Please drop me a mail with the information which picture you would like to have and for what to use for. Then I can give you a price and we can make a deal. There are also some of my pictures on sale of but here you will definitely get them for cheaper and the way you want.


I also want such a website because I also have a cool life. Can I?

Sure just contact me and I will see what I can do for you.


Can I add you as a friend in Facebook?

Sure no problem but there is one condition. If you friend me and I happen to visit near you, you have to invite me for coffee. :)


How about twitter, do you also have that?
Sure, the dedicated account for this page is: @365pictures and my general accountis @domidesign_ch


And pinterest?

Sure, here you go:


Google +?

No sorry, it stops here. I don’t have everything. I have to work from time to time so I can’t keep updated all the channels. I hope you understand that.


What has to do with this site? I see it here quite often? is my main page and is a project of domidesign. Everything which I start or invent is some kind of thing I designed, therefore domidesign ;-). Furthermore I don’t want to maintain 100 different facebook pages and pinterest accounts, that’s also a reason why. Only exception is twitter because @365pictures will only tweet the news about the daily picture, nothing more, so you can easily follow and not get spammed :-).


I have some more questions, can I ask you?

Sure, just drop me a mail here: info(at)


Ok that’s it now enjoy one new picture every day :)